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Welcome to TennCare Online Services.
Here TennCare providers and trading partners can:

  • Verify TennCare eligibility
  • Enter, review, and submit or adjudicate claims*
  • Upload or download HIPAA transactions*
  • Submit or inquire about pre-admission evaluation status*
  • Use TennCare messaging system

          *Long Term Care Providers

Providers and partners who wish to use this online service
must be a Subscriber.
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If you cannot verify an enrollee's eligibility via this online system, you should contact the enrollee's TennCare MCO.

You may also contact
TennCare Provider Services at 1-800-852-2683 (toll free) or
(615) 741-6669 (Nashville, TN local)

Doctor and Patient

1. Beginning on 7/12/2021, TennCare is implementing updated procedures for requests to reprocess crossover claims. After a claim adjudicates and the RA is received, if you disagree with the paid amount or the denial reason, you can submit a request for reprocessing by secured email or mail to: Please Note: It is the sender’s responsibility to transmit any PHI/PII securely. If you are not able to send your request via secured email, please mail in your request to the address provided below.
Claims Unit Manager
Division of TennCare
310 Great Circle Road
Nashville, TN 37243

The reprocessing request must be in writing and contain the reasons you believe the payment amount or reason for denial was incorrect. The request must be filed within 35 days from the RA date and must include any documentation the provider deems relevant to this request. TennCare will make its decision within 60 days from the receipt of the reprocess request. Notification of the reprocess decision will be mailed to Provider in the manner it was received. For additional information on the acceptable documentation needed to prove that the timely filing guidelines were met, refer to the crossover claims FAQ’s @

2. Beginning 01/01/2017, TennCare will no longer be mailing paper Remittance Advices. All providers are required to register electronically. Once you have registered you will automatically have the ability to download an electronic PDF version of your RA as well as your current 835. Current registered providers can log into their existing registration record and click on documents and reports. Unregistered providers must register. You can register at:

3. For clean claims, please allow a minimum of 30 days for TennCare to process crossover claims after receipt of your Medicare Remittance Advice prior to submitting paper claims.

4. Beginning 01/01/2017, TennCare will no longer be accepting paper claims that are either entirely handwritten or have been corrected/modified with handwritten data. Please refer to for proper claims submission guidelines.

5. As a reminder, when it is necessary to submit paper claims, please refrain from the use of staples to attach documentation. Paperclips are a preferred alternative.

6. TennCare will deny claims that contain secondary providers (rendering, attending, referring, ordering, operating, etc.) who are not enrolled in the TennCare program as valid and active providers, pursuant to Federal Regulation, 42 CFR Subpart E 455.410(b), the State Medicaid agency must require all ordering or referring physicians or other professionals providing services under the State plan or under a waiver of the plan to be enrolled as participating providers. The claims must also contain the secondary providers NPI, unless the provider has an atypical provider status.

7. Corrections or modifications to claims that have been previously paid must be performed by submitting an adjustment/void form found at:

Corrections or modifications to previously denied claims can be performed by submitting a new day claim.

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